🐲 Chapter 15 - Entrance Examination

As I entered the realm, I was met with a massive amount of people... Many people wandered around, and as far as the eye could see.

I've seen so many people in a few seconds that I've lost count.

I heard many stories of this place, but this is more than I imagined. I almost got dizzy just looking at them.

The place where it was now, just beyond the big door Lucius had entered, was a square, from which a road stretched out in three directions.

According to a sign nearby, it looks like each road leads to a shopping area, a residential area, and a school area.

I'm guessing that over there is the school district, and that's where the Academy of Magic the gatekeeper mentioned is.

"I admire the school, but it's not my thing."

I'm sure it's a lot of fun to make friends, play games, study, and learn a lot of things.

But right now there are things that take precedence, so I have to be patient.

"First I need to gather information. Hmm, I think the best place to get information is... A tavern."

But Lucius was still a child. He would be taken out of such a place before he could say anything.

In the event a tavern was inaccessible, Lucius thought of his second choice: the adventurer's guild. Adventurers can be children too, so it's something less flashy than a tavern.

If I become an adventurer, It'll make it easier to get permits to enter other cities and countries and earn money. It's like killing two birds with one stone.

"Well, let's do that!"

Lucius decides that the adventurer's guild would be his next destination, but the moment he looks away from the sign, a stranger starts calling out to him.

"Hey, are you lost? The Academy of Magic is over there! You're still in time, so go, hurry up!"

"Huh? Huh!?"

The one who approached him was a beautiful woman.

Apparently, just like the gatekeeper, she also mistook Lucius for a student who was about to take the Academy's entrance exam.

"N-No, I'm not going to..."

"I know you're afraid of getting lost, so come on, I'll go with you, don't worry about a thing!"

"Hey! Let go of me, I'm telling you...! Why are you so strong!?"

As such, Lucius was dragged by a woman who appeared out of nowhere and was now headed for the Academy of Magic's examination room.

The Royal Frey Academy of Magic.

The magic academy's official name.

The academy, which was created using 20% of the kingdom's vast territory, can be called a small country, and the students there number in the thousands.

The reason why the kingdom puts so much effort into this academy is because they fear a war with the empire, which they aren't on good terms with, and this academy is used to discover, train and recruit powerful warriors for the kingdom.

For this reason, it is said that excellent graduates receive considerable support from the kingdom. That is why there is a flood of applicants from all over the world, and an examination is held to select the best among them.

This is the information about the school that the woman made me listen to as she dragged me along.

"Here we are, this is the testing center!"

She took me to a square where there were many people.

At the center, people who appeared to be applicants for admission were taking various tests.

"Please complete the test procedure quickly!""


The woman shoved me forward with her sword and I was forced to go to the reception desk in the testing center.

"...Oh well. I guess I have no choice, since I've made it this far, I'll give it a shot. It was thanks to the excuse I used about this Academy that I was able to get into this kingdom, so I'll give it a try."

With that thought, Lucius headed to the front desk to fill in his name and complete his registration.

To ensure that as many people as possible can take the test, participation in the test has been made easier. You can take the test regardless of your nationality, as long as you are between the ages of ten and sixteen, and there is no fee to pay for the test. I was glad they didn't ask for my immigration papers.

"Once you've signed up, you'll have to take a magical aptitude test. Go to the room over there." Said the receptionist.

Lucius went to the magic aptitude testing room nearby.

There was a target-like object made of wooden planks floating in the distance, and the exam takers were shooting magic at it.

As Lucious approached the place, someone who seemed to be the examiner in charge spoke to him.

"So you're next. I'm going to ask you to attack that target with magic, this way we can determine how well the skills are given. You can use whatever magic you want, and destroy as many targets as you can in a short amount of time."

There were ten targets at a distance of about thirty meters.

The rest of the guys in the test were desperately trying to destroy the targets by shooting fireballs and wind blades, but most of them didn't even manage to land a hit.

At first, Lucius felt that the magic was too complicated to do, and even if it was the same magic Testarossa taught him, it wasn't equally comparable in strength and beauty. Lucius thought these skills probably weren't worthy of such a good teacher.

"Next! Lucius Vardy!"

Hearing his name, Lucius takes position.

The examiner begins to use magic to levitate the targets into the distance and moves them erratically.

Honestly, Lucius was going to take this exam slowly and properly, but then he stopped himself.

For if he used magic in a random way like that, even with the intention of passing a simple exam, he felt that he would be insulting Testarossa for having taught him how to use magic.

Therefore, he thought the best way would be to end that game once and for all.

"Super Flame!"

The huge flames that shot out from Lucius' hands advanced at high speed as they scorched the ground, turning the ten targets into smoldering coals in an instant.

I think I exaggerated a bit, but this should have gotten me the top score.

"Well, how did I do? Examiner-san?"

Lucius said as he approached the examiner.

But the man didn't answer at all, because.....

"Examiner-san? Are you listening to me?"


….The examiner had fainted, his eyes rolling back into his skull.



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