🤺 Chapter 14 - Thieves with little vocabulary

The driver advanced the carriage, which was full of women.

The smell of white powder and perfume permeated the air and made me feel a bit sick, but I don't care.

I'm used to smells like this from parties at House Estark.

I have met noblewomen who put on more perfume than anyone else among all the people present. You could say I am immune.

Instead of thinking about something as banal as this, I should be alert when the bandits start the attack.

The accident earlier was probably staged.

The enemy's goal is to divide the men and women.

Then they would aim to abduct the women.

I wonder if they will do this to all of them, or if they just have someone special in mind.

I looked at Marie and Leah.

Marie would probably be bought at a high price by some perverted nobleman, but Leah should have a much higher cost. It is not only her value as a woman, but also her status as someone of nobility.

I'm not sure if this is a trap set up just for the purpose of kidnapping these two girls, but I may be underestimating the planners and their collaborators. They may be greedier than I'm thinking.

Suddenly, the carriage stops.

When the coachman got out, he pulled a dagger from his pocket and opened the back of the carriage.

"Hey kid! If you don't want to die, do what I tell you!"

The man's threats did not make me feel pressured. He reminds me of my brother Marks.

I don't plan to do anything that man tells me, but to see what's going on, I stay silent and notice a group of men riding towards us on horseback.

Apparently, they are bandits, and accompanying them, was someone who I could imagine would be behind all this.

The owner of the carriages flattered the bandit chief by rubbing his hands together.

"You know what you have to do."

"I know, don't mistreat women who can sell at a high price."

"Exactly, but in particular, don't touch the maid and the girl in the white hood."


"There's someone interested in both of them."

The bandit leader smiles and says; "Well, I guess we still get to keep the money and the other women."

He then gave instructions to the robbers.

"It's time to have some fun! Kill the men and grab the women!"

The bandits raised their weapons and cheered.

I didn't even want to see that furtive glance, but unfortunately it wasn't to be.

One of the bandits kills a guard, alludes to the man in the wagon and slits his throat, splashing blood everywhere.

"Haha, this is what I love about my job!"

One of the bandits screams in ecstasy.

Maybe they're former peasants who have lost their livelihood? I don't know how they can be so cruel. Probably because they have been dehumanized by their miserable lives.

"...I cannot forgive someone who takes the lives of innocent people."

I muttered, and drew the divine sword.

"Licht, these people should not be allowed to live - I shall show no mercy!"

Said the divine sword.

"It's good that you're so motivated, but don't be so aggressive."

"What do you mean?"

"It would be boring if we get rid of it quickly, so let's take it slow, really make them suffer."

"I don't want to create a bad image of you, because you have a great talent with the sword and you are not someone who has a ruthless heart."

"Well, deep down I'm not trying to be hostile against anyone."

One of the bandits was coming up behind me, I quickly turned around and swung at him with my sword.

The bandit's right arm goes flying through the air, at the same time the man falls to the ground groaning in pain.

I kicked him in the face and broke his nose.

I then stabbed another who was trying to attack me, and the next thing I heard was a scream of pain.

In the distance, there was another man wielding an axe while threatening me.

I felt quite interested, as the axe I was holding was attached to some chains, but this is not a time to be amused by my enemy's abilities. If I have the opportunity to assassinate them, I must take advantage of that gap.

I dodged the axe as it was thrown towards me and slid on the ground, shortening the distance between us before thrusting my sword into his stomach.

I avoided the vital organs, so he'll probably die of agony.

The bandit leader's face twists in anger at the sight of his subordinates being slaughtered.

"You! How dare you kill my lackeys!"

"Funny you should say that when you showed no mercy to the men you murdered."

"Shut up! You're nobody to tell me what to do! I plan to live as I please! Even if an army comes for me, I'll never change!"

"I'm afraid the army won't get the chance to defeat you, because I'll do it here now."

"You talk a lot, kid. Now show me what you got."

His body was muscular, and he had two axes in hand. He seemed determined to want to attack me, he scraped his weapons together, and leaned forward to attack.

As he turned to me, I cast some magic on the surrounding land and the trees, plants and branches began to sprout from under him, grabbed his feet and slid up his legs until they covered his whole body.

The bandit leader was completely immobilized.

"What the hell is this!?"

"It's a little magic to help you calm down."

"You coward!"

"Thank you for the compliment."

I turned my back on him, and turned my attention to the owner of the carriages.

"Hey hey... I had nothing to do with this, those people threatened me."

"You're lying."

"It's the truth.."

He doesn't fool me, he had shown the same emotion as the bandits when they started attacking the guards and the driver of the carriage.

"It was all your plan, that's why you had taken Marie and Leah's ticket."

“ ......”

"And maybe it was you who let the red-faced man take the bag with their money too. Surely you had also planned to approach the girls later, to help them in a difficult moment that you yourself generated, cajole them with your lies and kidnap them. But unfortunately I interfered with your plans, and that's why you turned to these bandits."

When the carriage owner hears my reasoning, his uncomfortable smile disappears, and he shows a cold and unpleasant expression.

"Impressive... I guess I can't fool you anymore. It's true, I wanted to kidnap them, someone asked me to do it."

Leah shrugs at those words, and Marie grabs the dagger she pulled from her pocket.

"If you give me the girls, I promise I'll give you three hundred gold coins. I don't plan to pull any tricks, I promise."

"What do you plan to do with them? Who is your customer?"

"I don't know. I don't know what they plan to do with them, and I don't care either, I only care about the money they will give me."

"I see... Then die."

When I said that, I changed my position and put the sword back in its sheath.

I just needed to dodge the axe coming behind me and let the carriage owner be killed by it.

He had glanced out of the corner of his eye and seen that the bandit leader had escaped the branches and swung his axe.

The owner of the carriages had no experience in martial arts, and because of his physique, he didn't have enough time to react fast enough, so the axe stuck in his skull, causing a lot of blood to flow out of him like a fountain.

"Damn cheater."

I turned around and pointed my sword at the bandit leader's head, making an expression as if I was challenging him to death.

"You're next, and since you've escaped my magic, I suppose you'll be strong enough to entertain me."

The bandit leader smiles fearlessly at the challenge.

"You look like a cockroach, but your tricks won't work on me anymore."

One of his henchmen approaches and hands him two axes.

It seems that this is his specialty in fights.

Or maybe it could be one of those attacks where you attack your opponent with countless strikes and high precision.

I have studied many melee and ranged fighting classes when I was at the castle, but I had never seen this one in person.

It is such an inelegant tactic that a nobleman would never use. I prepared to attack, and pushing my body forward, I moved as fast as I could to close the distance between us.

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