🐲 Chapter 13 - The Road

"Hmm, I got lost."

An hour after leaving town, Lucius was already lost.

"Uhm... If this is north, then this must be east...?"

I was wondering which direction to go as I looked at the map, but there was no answer.

"Ugh, I don't understand this tattered map... I should have asked the village chief how to get there. Or I could have just gone the right way from the start instead of taking this stupid shortcut. I guess I have no choice but to go back to town and start from the beginning. If I can track the chief's magic, I'll easily make it to the village."

As Lucius thought about how to get back to the village, another idea crossed his mind.

"That's right, magic! I just have to detect it to get to the kingdom."

If there is a large amount of magical power concentrated in one place nearby, it should be the kingdom.

Lucius thought so and decided to act immediately.

"Magic detection!"

A spell that expands the sensory organs. That's the magic detection skill Lucius learned from Testarossa.

Testarossa said that although demons are good at detecting magic, it is a difficult skill for humans to learn, and only a small number can use a wide range of magic detection.

In Lucius' case, it took more than 100 years of training to be able to use this ability to perfection.

Since the detection range has become quite wide, Lucius feels confident that he can find his destination, so he begins to meditate.

After a few seconds of meditation, Lucius detects a couple hundred people nearby. Perhaps it's a village, because in a kingdom, there should be many, many more people.

As he continued to widen his detection range, he suddenly found a ridiculous amount of magic in one place.

"Wow, that's really dense! I can't even count how many people there must be. So that must be the kingdom... But first."

Lucius turns around and speaks into the dense forest.

"Come out, I know you're there..."

With those words, a huge shadow appears, knocking down the trees.

The true identity of the shadow was a huge bear-like demonic beast. Its fur was dark black, it's claws large and sharp, with a set of fangs similar to swords .

Its eyes are bloodshot and gloomy, and its mouth dripping with drool.

"I guess you are the mighty beast the chief was talking about..."

A demonic bear is at least five meters long.

This kind of monster is not common here. Perhaps it was in search of food.


The demonic beast threatened Lucius as it drooled.

I can't let it keep wandering around this area looking for food. I can run away and leave it here, but there's a chance it might attack my village.

At that moment, Lucius decided that he had to defeat the beast here and now.


The beast swings its claws towards Lucius.

It was such a powerful attack that it can kill a person if it hits him. But after Rio taught Lucious Qigong, his physical abilities have skyrocketed to the point where he is continuously under the magic of strengthening.

Taking advantage of his physical strength, Lucious moves faster than the bear's claws, moves before the beast's chest, and strikes it with his fists using a deadly attack.

"Qigong style offensive technique; Meteoric iron fist!"

Lucius' right fist collided with the beast with explosive force, causing it to fly off the ground and crash into some nearby rocks, it then made an agonized sound before it stopped moving.

"Looks like I managed to defeat it in one hit. This is the first time I've used my skills in real combat."

The beast's attack had been so fast, the former Lucius would not have been able to dodge such an attack. It was likely that the boy would've died on his first attempt once upon a time, but thanks to Testarossa and Rio, the situation was completely different now.

"Now, let's continue the journey."

Lucius resumes his journey with high hopes for the kingdom he has yet to see.



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