🐲 Chapter 11 - The Return

The inside of the dimensional rift was a strange space.

The surrounding space is dyed with a mixture of purple, light blue and pink, and there is no gravity, so it is hard to tell which way is up and which way is down.

Also, this space is so warped that it feels like Lucius' body is about to tear apart.

If I hadn't used the technique that makes my body as hard as iron, I would have been completely torn apart by now.

After running around in this empty space for a while, I saw a crack through which light was seeping in.

'I'm sure that's the way out.' Lucius thought.

So he opened a hole with a dimensional slash, and jumped into that rift, pouring magical power in his feet simultaneously.

"This light...!"

The light spread all over the place, causing his field of vision to blur.

When the light gradually diminished... Lucius stood in the same place where he had accidentally fallen.

"I'm back...!"

It was a long journey. It took a lot of struggling, and I felt like I was going to fail over and over again, but I finally made it back to my world!

"I did it!"

Lucius exclaimed with joy.

Ah, it's wonderful to see all these colors again. In the infinite prison, everything is white, so all these colors make me feel so good. Even the delicious fresh air is beating against my body.

Lucious was excited to be back after his absence. However, there is no time to waste.

"Well, I can't get carried away, I have a lot of things to do, but first of all, I have to go back to the village."

I didn't feel any hatred or resentment towards the town, but I wanted to say goodbye to the village chief first, who was the person that took care of me.

Though he couldn't remember which direction the town was in, and it was no wonder, since the last time Lucius was here was 300 years ago.

"Hmm... Oh yeah, I'll be able to see it from up there!"

Lucius had a great idea. He jumped to the top of the tree with all his might, his body flying up into the air.


Lucius, who had been training for many years in that empty space, did not expect to fly so far. He quickly controlled his altitude with magic and looked around.


A world of lush vegetation spread out everywhere.

A huge body of water stretches out in front of him as he looks to his right. 'It's probably the sea', he thought. Then he looks ahead and sees a cluster of buildings, most likely his village.

When Lucius realizes how insignificant his village is compared to the vast world around him, it causes a small bit of pain in his heart. He remembered how difficult it will be for him to free Testarossa and Rio from the Infinite prison.

Lucius felt uncomfortable. He had no one to count on, and no clue where to start either.

"Still, I have to do it - they must both be anxiously awaiting my return!!!"

Landing with a muffled sound, Lucius started running toward the village he had seen in the sky. It had taken him almost an hour to reach the place where he was before, but now, with magic and qigong, the village could be reached in just a few minutes.

The village I arrived at after a long time looked the same as when I had left. Well, it's only been a year, and it's impossible for it to have changed that much.

The first thing I did when I arrived in the village was to go to my house.

The little wooden house was a bit battered from the lack of maintenance, but it hadn't been torn down yet. Lucius was relieved when he saw it.

I had finally returned home after three hundred years, and then began to collect everything in the house that might be of use to him.

An old knife, a lamo, a map, and some money. These were the only things that might be of use to him.

I put them in a burlap sack and left the house.

Then I went to my parents' graves behind my house. They're simple graves with two large gravestones, and there was a flower placed on each of them. I wonder if someone came here before... I crouched down in front of the graves and clasped my hands together.

"Mom, Dad, I'm sorry I didn't come to visit you, but I've been through a lot. I know it's sudden, but I'll be gone for a long time, so I won't be coming to visit you, I'm sorry."

My father died in an accident before I was old enough to remember him. But I remember my mother. She did her best to raise me by herself.

But it was too much for her, and she died of an illness when I was still young... I had enough of losing my family.

So this time, I'll get it right. Testarossa and Rio, I'm going to protect them.

"Next time I come back, I'll bring my new family. They're two nice girls, I'm sure you'll like them a lot."

With that said, I stood up and turned around to leave the place.... Just then, a voice called me from behind and I turned around.

"Are you... Lucius...?"

When he turned around, he saw a wrinkled old man with a cane.

Lucius didn't flinch, he already knew that man.

"It's been a long time... Chief."



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