🤺 Chapter 11 - Detective Licht

The maid stepped forward, but that was with the intention of protecting the lady. Perhaps she was wary of a stranger. It's a perfectly understandable reaction, it seems the only way to gain her trust is through action.

I will get straight to the point.

"Wait, it's too soon to give up. Are you going to walk away and let the thief take advantage of you?"

The girl in the hood responds with a somber look.

"We are in no position to subdue a thief. It's not like we have the authority to go through everyone's belongings either."

"Then we'll have to use magic."

"Can you do that?"

Marie looks at me suspiciously.

"Tickets are difficult to detect because they are paper, but gold is possible because it is a metal."

The girls still don't believe me. I can't blame them, I'm a complete stranger to them, and I don't look like a magician either.

Since I had to hide my magical power from the Estark Family all my life, I had to suppress any sign that would reveal that I can use magic in the process. So through arduous training my muscle mass increased, and I have focused on wearing clothes that define the swordsman that I am.

I don't have time to give her any explanations or put her in context about the situation. So I will chant a spell to prove my point.

It is a very common magical language, but if you listen to it, you might notice that some languages have been omitted in this chant and replaced by the original language. However, there seem to be few people who are knowledgeable about magic in this place. Without anyone noticing it, I finished my spell.

The gazes of all the customers in the store are directed at me.

There are about thirteen people in this place. I avoid looking at Marie and her companion who are behind me. Since right now my eyes have two magic circles that make me able to see through people's clothes.

Using my power, I looked at the owner of the place. He was very fat, and had a very unkempt appearance, but he didn't seem to have any metal objects among his clothes.

The next person I see is a larger man. He wears metal armor, but when I raise the level of my "clairvoyance" magic, I can see through it without difficulty. This magic can even see through your internal organs if you increase the power to the maximum. However, he was not wearing any metal except for his armor and sword.

As I repeated the same procedure with each person, a certain man caught my attention.

He was clearly behaving suspiciously and standing behind people as if hiding. That alone is suspicious, and he was even trying to slip away.

"...I found you."

With such a brazen way of acting, clairvoyance magic was unnecessary, but still, I can't accuse him without any proof, so I called him.

"Hey you, where are you going?"

The red-faced man flinches at my words and stammers out a response, saying he is going to the bathroom.

"I see, so you're going to the bathroom. Before you go can you give me back the leather pouch with the gold coins in your right pocket?"

"Hey, what are you talking about?"

"I ask you to return the gold you stole from these girls."

"I did no such thing."

"It is useless to lie. I know how to use magic, and I can see through your clothes, I know you have their pouch and gold coins in your pocket."

"That's a lie. You're just a swordsman."

"That's right, I don't look like a magician, so I'll prove it to you. Your underwear has a floral pattern, what kind of man buys that kind of clothing?"

The man's face paled at the words, but he was still in denial.

"That's a lie! And you don't have the authority to tell me what to do!"

"You're right, but if I can even state what kind of underwear you have, it means what I'm saying is true."

People around me start murmuring saying; "that's true."

"If that man's underwear really has flowers on it, then he did steal the money."

"Take off your pants! Prove your innocence!"

"Let us see, thief. Take off your pants."

People began urging the man to take off his pants, but that seemed to irritate him even more.


He tried to run away, but I quickly grabbed his shoulder.

"Are you going to hit me? I'll tell the guards!"

"No way, I wouldn't do that. I'm just saying if you go around looking like that, you'll be the laughing stock of the town."

"The laughingstock of the town?"

Shortly after I spoke, something seemed to slip from the thief's waistband.

"Hmm... If I were you, I'd be embarrassed to go out on the street like that."

The man looked down after hearing my words.


The man's pants had fallen down.

After that it could be clearly seen that the man had flowered underwear.

The local people began to laugh.

"Hey, it's true, that man has flowered underwear."

"He's an idiot. He forgot to lock his belt."

Everyone started pointing and laughing at him. They are wrong about something, though. The red-faced man didn't forget to buckle his belt. The reason his pants came down is because I cut his belt.

The moment I put my hand on his shoulder, I pulled out a dagger instead of the divine sword at my waist. With one swift movement, I slashed his belt in the shortest possible distance. It seems that no one here noticed my actions.

“ …………”

No, I was wrong. Marie is looking at my dagger, she realized what I had done. Apparently, she knows martial arts, which I find surprising, so I turn my attention back to the red-faced man.

"Well, you're wearing flowered underwear, just as I confirmed. Now let's see that pouch of gold coins in your right pocket."

Without warning, I put my hand in his pocket and out comes a sloppy, heavy leather bag.

"Well, what is this, can you explain?"

"That's mine! My uncle died and I happen to have inherited it!"

"An inheritance?"

He is clearly trying to trick me, but I already had all the people around me on my side, some of them went to call the guards.

So I decided to end it all with a killing blow.

"I see, can you tell me how much money is inside this pouch?

There is no way he can answer that question.

Instead, Marie was the one who responded.

"In that bag, there are eight gold coins and twenty-four silver coins, and three of the silver coins are missing half."

To prove that the maid has a great memory, I spread the contents of the leather bag on the table, and the number of coins was exact to the one she had said.

Thus, the man would have nothing to say about it.

I sat him on the floor waiting for the guards to arrive and take him away.

With the case solved, Marie and the hooded girl bow to me and thank me.

I don't like to stand out at all, and even less in a place where there are many people around me. So I took the gold from the red faced man and gave it back to its rightful owner, and then went back to the line as if nothing had happened.

My goal is not to be a defender of the weak or to be a protector. My immediate goal is to go to the northern city and join the adventurer's guild. And now that this issue was over, I wanted to focus on quickly getting a ticket for the carriage ride.

However, I became a prominent figure because of everything that just happened. And the people in front of me let me pass first, so I was able to quickly purchase my ticket while the owner of the place looked at me slack jawed.



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